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Braided cosworth engine loom


A complete braided engine loom

This loom will fit any cosworth and is a great upgrade

Remove your old tatty engine loom and replace it with this up to date modern loom

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L8 Chip / grays / 3 bar / actuator


this is a complete kit to fit a 4x4 L8 ecu

The kit is complete and ready to fit

Chip to run 403 gray injectors / 4x 403 gray injectors / 3 bar map sensor and an alloy uprated actuator

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New braided Fuel pump loom

£50 ( 044 pump ) £67 ( std ford pump )

Old cosworths are now suffering electrical faults due to age / corrosion to old looms

Here we have a stand alone fuel pump loom , these looms are a direct replacment and just simply connect to the battery and fuel pump

These looms are available for std fuel pumps with the correct FORD connections ( piccs 1 and 2 ) or ready for the uprated 044 fuel pump ( piccs 3 and 4 )

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New Braided Fan looms

£63 plus del

Cosworths are now srarting to suffer electrical faults due to old wires corroding etc

Here we have a stand alone Fan loom that does away with all the cars dodgy wires

Simply connect to your battery and connect to the fans ( all connectors provided ) job done , we even supply a brand new temp switch

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Here we have a L8 ECU

These are a great upgrade for a 2wd cosworth

Tested and working perfect , sold with no chip

stage 3 330bhp kit for P8 ecu


Complete kit to covert to 330bhp

4 x 803 green injectors / 3 bar Map sensor / Ahmed Bayjoo chip and board / collins alloY actuator

A complete plug and play kit for a P8 ECU ,

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Small turbo escort cosworth ECU


This ECU is for a small turbo escort cosworth

Perfect working order

stage 3 kit for 2wd cosworth


This kit inculudes , L6 ecu / stage 3 , 330bhp collins chip / 803 green injectors / 3 bar map sensor

this is a complete kit that will upgrade your 3 door / 2wd saff to aprox 330 bhp

please note that after fitting your car will require setting up prior to use

Twin fan


I have many sets in stock

All units are tested and working perfect before dispatch

A great upgrade for cars with only a single fan system

Displaying records 1 through 9 of 9